Arista Hong Kong Releases SACDs by Kenny G and Air Supply

BMG’s Arista label enters the SACD market with the release of albums by Kenny G and Air Supply in Hong Kong. The new Arista Hong Kong SACD releases are Live by Kenny G and The Definitive Collection by Air Supply.

Both of the new SACDs are Hybrid Stereo SACDs that feature Stereo SACD and Stereo CD mixes of the music on the album. The SACD discs are playable on CD, SACD and SACD compatible DVD players.

News of the Arista SACD releases in Hong Kong is not surprising since BMG’s RCA Hong Kong label has released several Hybrid Stereo SACDs in the past (see previous stories linked below). The Arista SACDs appear to be a continuation of that program. Here’s more on the two new Arista Hong Kong SACDs.

Kenny G
Hybrid Stereo SACD

(Arista Hong Kong 8287-652164-2)
Kenny G Live is one of the pop sax player’s best known albums. Released in 1989 on Stereo CD, it was a hit record that has sold several million copies and gone «multi-platinum» in record industry lingo. In addition to the original CD, Kenny G Live has since appeared on Laserdisc, DVD Video and now Hybrid Stereo SACD.

Album Selections
1. Going Home
2. Sade
3. Silhouette
4. Midnight Motion
5. Home
6. Don’t Make Me Wait for Love — Michael Bolton
7. I’ve Been Missin’ You
8. Esther
9. Tribeca
10. Songbird
11. Uncle Al

The Definitive Collection
Air Supply
Hybrid Stereo SACD

(Arista Hong Kong 8287-651685-2)
Air Supply is a pop group from Australia that was popular during the late 1980s. The Definitive Collection first appeared as a Stereo CD in 1998. Unlike the group’s previous Greatest Hits album which only had 9 songs, The Definitive Collection album on CD and SACD features 18 songs from the group. It includes several of their big hits including Lost In Love, All Out of Love, Every Woman in the World and The One That You Love.

Album Selections
1. Lost in Love
2. All Out of Love
3. Chances
4. Every Woman in the World
5. One That You Love
6. Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was over You)
7. Sweet Dreams
8. I Want to Give It All
9. Even the Nights Are Better
10. Now and Forever
11. Young Love
12. Two Less Lonely People in the World
13. Taking the Chance
14. Come What May
15. Making Love Out of Nothing at All
16. I Can Wait Forever
17. Just as I Am
18. Lost in Love (Original Australian Version)

The two Arista Hong Kong Hybrid Stereo SACDs by Kenny G and Air Supply are now available in record stores in Hong Kong and from the A4Audio.Com web site in Canada. In addition, copies for sale have also been spotted on several web sites including the eBay auction web site.
Kenny G Live (Arista Hong Kong SACD 8287-652164-2)