Are console games dying? Angry Birds head developer thinks so.

Some of you might not know it, but SXSW is going down right now, and Peter Vesterbacka, head developer of Rovio, had something to say. In case you don’t know, Rovio has created the hugely successful Angry Birds, a game that has been growing in its following.

It is a game I love to play, but I’m not certain that gives Vesterbacka the right to speculate that “console games are dying and that mobile phones and tablets are the future of gaming”.

Personally, I think that dying is too strong a word. He has a point that mobile games are cheaper and more accessible as smartphones become more and more common, but I just don’t see a point where we will look back on console games as something that is now dead.

If anything, I see a future where mobile games and console games work together. A future that is already here, provided you have an HDMI cable. We’ve also seen Microsoft Kinect and WP7 work together to play Rally Ball.