ArcSofts Blu-ray Player Receives DTS Surround Sensation Certification

ArcSoft, Inc. has declared that ArcSoft TotalMedia™ theatre has achieved DTS Surround Sensation certification from DTS, Inc. The ArcSoft totalmedia theatre is capable of providing superb and excellent audio experience to users with the help of DTS technology.

“We are pleased that ArcSoft has received certification for DTS Surround Sensation,” said David Tan, VP Product Management/North American Licensing for DTS. “We are delighted to add ArcSoft to the growing list of licensees for Surround Sensation and look forward to future collaborations and continuing our very successful relationship with them.”

Customers get the sensation of 5.1 channel sound system in a two channel atmosphere in the totalmedia theatre through DTS surround sensation. Moreover, the device provides users superior simplicity and Bass™ enhancement along with stereo expansion.

DTS surround sensation generates optimal surround sound experience through two speakers including a three dimensional hedge of sound. Therefore, users would be able to acquire amazing sound experience in the ArcSoft Blu-ray player receivers.

Via: Press