Aqua Sounders – Floating ACCESSORY SPEAKER


Ever thought of having perfect sound experience while swimming? Then Aqua Sounders Speaker lets you enjoy this. Feel free to toss this speaker in a pool, Jacuzzi or bathtub and listen to your favorite music. Designed with durable weatherproofing, Aqua Sounders ensures you fun in water with great music.

Aqua Sounders is a weatherproof submersible speaker that comes equipped with 2 Ultra Bright LED Mood Lights. This speaker offer you an outside range up to 150 Foot and a battery life of up to 10 hours depending upon the volume you use. Aqua Sounders Speaker is expandable up to 10 extra speakers per transmitter. This speaker works great using 6x AA batteries.

This floating speaker is truly one of its kinds. You can control the volume, power, scan and light using this speaker. Aqua Sounders Floating Speaker is available at a retail price of $ 99.00. The box content of Aqua Sounders comprises of 1x wireless stereo speakers and a users guide.

Via: Gracedigitalaudio