Apricorn 2TB DVR Expander for DIRECTV

. Apricorn, the leader in personal storage, recently announced a 2TB DVR Expander, the largest capacity DVR external hard drive on the market. The DVR Expander has been specially designed for DIRECTV DVRs. It can add up to 1124 hours of standard programming of high definition programming to DIRECTV DVRs.

Available in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, the DVR Expander offers plenty of room to record. This makes the DVD Expander perfect for recording all your favorite shows when you are not around. It is very easy to set up the DVD Expander to work with your DIRECTV receiver.

The DVR Expander is available for purchase through online retailers and at Apricorn’s website. Suggested retail price of 1TB and 2TB model starts at $129 and $259, respectively. The DVD Expander comes with one year limited warranty.