Apple TV To Host Slew of Programming Options

Coming hot on the heels of the last futurist piece in which I posit the death of pay TV via the internet, we have a bit of support for the concept.

Seems that Disney and CBS both are looking to sign on with Apple TV’s service, and word is they’ll be getting Disney, Disney Channel, ABC, ABC Family, CBS and CW programming before it’s all said and done.

Both CBS and Disney are already doing something similar with Netflix, offering up individual shows for streaming, but Apple’s service will be somewhat different as it’s going straight after TV shows.  And frankly, they’ve got an interesting pricing model–check THIS out:

The company initially floated a $30-per-month consumer subscription plan that would be advertising-free but may be rethinking that approach, according to the Journal. At this point, Apple is proposing to pay $2 to $4 per month per subscriber for broadcast networks and $1 to $2 per month per subscriber for cable networks, the newspaper reported.

Thirty bucks would NOT be bad–I’m paying that for Dish Network service as it sits, and THAT comes with ads!–but considering what Apple’s looking to do, the prices might be even better.  Hopefully this will completely boil out soon enough.