Apple TV Price Dropped on Amazon, Name Listed as 2010 Model – Refresh Coming Soon?

Google may be having a tough time selling hardware running Google TV but Apple has been moving along happily with their own Apple TV. Priced at just $99 the current generation Apple TV features virtually no built-in storage with much of its content saved in the cloud thanks to heavy iTunes integration. Apple TV also caters to those looking to view Netflix and YouTube along with being able to stream live sports thanks to partnerships with the NHL, NBA and MLB.

While the Apple TV is named the Apple TV it’s not an actual TV but instead a set-top box. Many have hypothesized that Apple will be coming forth at some point to release an actual television complete with the same software built-in. Nothing has been confirmed thus yet but a recent move by Amazon definitely has the rumor mill in full swing.

It’s been noted that Amazon has updated their Apple TV listing dropping the price tag $10 to $89.99 and listing it as the 2010 model. Now, it would be safe to say that Apple will be updating the Apple TV at some point in the future but if that update will be an actual television remains anyone’s guess. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time keep your eyes glued to the Apple TV Amazon listing here.