Apple TV Hacked, Can Now Play HTML 5 Games

Apple has been looking to find their way into the home theater of may for quite some time now with their Apple TV product. Their most recent Apple TV release has been quite ambitious due to the missing hard drive and its ability to stream pretty much everything you can think of. However, many have been longing for some more functionality out of the Apple TV including its ability to play games.

If Apple were?to allow the Apple TV to play games they would be bringing the product out of the set-top box market and facing up against consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3. Sure, obviously the?Apple?TV wouldn’t have the graphical?finesse?as the aforementioned products but it certainly would hold its own especially with its massive developer support.

While Apple hasn’t said anything just yet about bringing such?functionality?to the device hackers have already managed to make some head way. Recent reports have notified us of a recent Apple TV hack which allows the set-top box to play HTML 5 games. Of course, this is quite early in the development cycle as the only game currently available to play with this method is a?crude?version of blackjack. But, the possibilities here are quite endless as more developers make the shift from Adobe Flash to the open HTML 5.

We’ll keep you posted as the development on this project continues.