Apparently, Google wont let you rent from the Android market movie rentals if you have a rooted device

I think that we all know how much Google is really trying to get a foothold on the movie market, with Netflix coming to the Android Market and Google TV getting some Android 3.0 action.

Unfortunately, there is some interesting news that is bad news for some Google users. Apparently, if you have an Android device that is rooted (think of it as the Android version of “jailbreaking”, for those who are not aware) it will not allow the user to rent from the Android Market.

Many question the logic behind this, as it doesn’t seem like rooted users will be movie pirates. I have seen some interesting profiling done before, but this one is quite odd.

If you are a rooted user, and you try to rent a movie, I am told that you will receive error 49 or “Failed to fetch license”. Considering that the movie rental market on Android isn’t too high, I suppose that will only be a problem later, when renting from Android becomes more common. That is, if that ever gets off the ground.