Aperion Intimus 5 Series Speakers Up for Release

Audio complement for most home theater setups are growing in demand and to make sure that demand is answered, two companies have decided to hook up to deliver a new kind of wireless speakers that are bound to take the home theater world by storm. The new wireless speaker solutions are the Aperion Intimums 5 Series Speakers, the fruit of the partnership entered into by Focus Enhancements Inc. and Aperion Audio. The said speakers are expected to be unveiled at the CEDIA Expo.

Among the features of the Aperion Intimus 5 Series Speakers include automatic speaker detection, speaker mapping, speaker channel assignment with SpeakerFinder and an audio sweet spot calibration with MyZone. MyZone will produce a time aligned sound field for the listener by adjusting, delay and volume to their listening position in a matter of seconds. This technology also allows scalability from 0 to 7.1 systems thus providing users the freedom to add more speakers later on. These speakers retail for $2,589.00.

(Source) Market Wire