AOC 2218Ph LCD monitor

AOC has recently introduced its new product called 2218Ph LCD Monitor. Designed to allow PC users to enjoy the element of style Mac users, AOC 2218Ph LCD Monitor combines all the advanced features and HDMI capabilities.

“The 2218Ph brings PC power-users the design and performance they have always wanted from a monitor,” said Jerry Chou, Senior Manager of Business Development, IT, for AOC. “.

The new AOC 2218Ph LCD Monitor features Ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 12000:1 and 2ms ultra fast response time. This Windows Vista Certified monitor sports a 22-inch glare screen that protects against glare and provides improved color saturation.

This new product from AOC features illuminating touch-keys and flexi-stand. The 2218Ph LCD Monitor is available at a price of $ 429.99.

Via: Engadget