Antecs Fusion Remote Max

Antec has launched its new Fusion Remote Max, which is a finest home theater PC casing. It is the highly advanced accumulation to Antec’s Veris line of superb-presentation media factors. It comes in an aluminum plate facade bezel along with an LCD display, as well as volume control.

The Fusion Remote Max also supports Antec’s Deluxe 56 button remote control and iMEDIAN HD media supervision software. With the assistance of the software, users can easily lead stored media, regulate settings and even play music, videos and other programs quickly.

"People are always looking for a customizable system that can meet all their different computing applications – from gaming to multimedia," said Scott Richards, senior vice president at Antec. "With the Fusion Remote Max we combine multimedia and noise-reducing features with a gamer-friendly, spacious design. The result is a case that allows users to build a top-notch system for a wide variety of purposes."

The Remote Max measures 17.8” x 17.6’ x 16.5” in dimensions and is completely suitable for any desktop or living room location. It also features removable HDD sets with silicon perforations. To control the heat, its casing cooling system supports a side 140mm TriCool fan and one stern 120mm TriCool fan.

The Fusion Remote Max will be available at a suggested retail price of $249.95 including Antec’s Quality 3 –year warranty.

Via: Press