Android Honeycomb3.1 for Google TV Screenshot Appears

Google has been making a ton of announcements as of late regarding just about every one of their products. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know about how we told you yesterday that they would be brining Android 3.1 to their Google TV platform complete with access to the Android Market. At the time of the announcement we didn’t really know what the Google TV version of Android 3.1 would look like but luckily today that can be put behind us.

The reason I say this is because the above screen shot of Google TV running Android 3.1 has appeared. Look pretty interesting and more of a merger between tablets running Android 3.1 and Google TV we previously knew. However, the real thing to get excited about here is the fact that they will be allowing developers to create apps for Google TV. We’ll have to wait and see what said developers come up with.