Analyst: LCD TV Sales to Slow in 2011, Increase by 13 Percent

The integral part of a home theater is without a doubt the television (or projector if you prefer) as without it there would be no theater to begin with. As of late, LCD HDTVs have become quite popular with consumers across the board doing away with their old tube television in favor for sleeker, sexier LCD models. This, of course, has benefited the hardware manufacturers behind these televisions quite a great deal however it seems that 2011 will see the LCD boom slow down just a bit.

In fact, according to the folks over at DisplaySearch, LCD TV shipments in 2011 will rise just 13 percent versus last year’s 31 percent. Of course, with 13 percent equaling about 215 million units it’s no small number but something to make note of nonetheless.

Of course, seeing how this is just analyst chatter we won’t know for sure until 2011 is well under way and seeing how we’re only 3 days in, we’ll have to keep you posted.

Do you have an LCD TV? If not, do you plan on buying one this year? Let us know in the comments below.

via cnet