AmiNET130M 100% digital HD IPTV STB

Amino is exhibiting its 100% digital HD IPTV Set-top box AmiNET130M at the NXTcomm 08 in Las Vegas. The sleek black extruded case is simpler to install as compared with HD IPTV STBs. It also reduces the overall cost.

“The AmiNET130M is a valuable addition to the IPTV market,” said Rory Betteridge, HD Product Manager. “The box specifically addresses the growing segment of the market focused on HD services and flat screen TVs. It’s a less expensive option which offers the same, unparalleled advantages as the AmiNET130 for cutting edge, high quality HD IPTV services.”

The 1.37 inches high and 4.48 inches wide STB ensures that the channel reaches longer distances even with low bandwidth broadband connection. Apart from offering stock quotes, weather forecasts or targeted advertising, the AmiNET130M supports HD video and graphics. The flexibility of choosing installation services and the cost effectiveness makes it more usable.

Though the price is still kept hidden from the customers, but one thing is assured that you cannot get a cheaper and a simpler installation system than this.

Via: Press