AMIMON ships SHARP X Series LCD TV (ultra thin) with wireless HDTV


Amimon Inc. Has joined hands with the world famous Sharp Corporation to bring forward wireless HDTV link for the latest X-Series ultra thin LCD TVs. The new LCD Tv will not need the audio/video cable linking the TV pannel and tuner unit, thanks to the AMIMON’s WHDI™ technology employed in the newest Sharp’s ultra-thin LCD TVs.

Employing video-modem approach WHDI technology provides uncompressed HD videos wirelessly over 100 feet range via multiple walls and within response time less than one millisecond.

“WHDI is becoming the technology of choice for wireless HDTV,” said Dr. Yoav Nissan-Cohen Chairman and CEO of AMIMON Inc. “With AMIMON’s WHDI technology, consumers can enjoy wireless ultra-thin TV displays that are easy to install and easy on the eyes.”

The X-series will adopt a configuration that separates display section and the tuner section. Therefore to establish a connection, users will have to use a wireless video transmitter that has AMIMON’s WHDI technology.

The new X-series models are currently available in Japan in three size variations viz. 37, 42 and 46 inch respectively. They are just 3.44 cm thick. There is no information on their availability in the U.S. and other countries. For further information please visit the official website at or