Amex Digital Blu-ray Recorder

So you want to record lots and lots of Blu-ray discs, right? Well admit it already, there’s no shame in that! And we have a new tool for you to consider. Amex has launched the BDR-S1/BDR-T28 4X_Blu-ray Recorder and you can use it with any system you like since it’s an external device. Hook it up to your machine via USB and let the recording begin.

The recorder comes in black and white and it will feature the ECO S.M.A.R.T technology which will increase laptop batter life by up to 40%, the STAT Drive technology which will offer you a 30% increase in data transfer rate and a Liquid Crystal Tilt/Blur Compensator which will offer you an improved recording/playing experience. So let’s hear it Amex! How much does it cost?