Alfa loudspeaker system Reviewed

Alfa loudspeaker, the innovative product brought out by SYMBIO Design, has been found to deliver high-quality sound experience. This loudspeaker was exhibited at London, Vienna and some other places.

Alfa is a two-way loudspeaker system with a bass-reflex type baffle. Sporting a high-gloss snow-white surface finish, the Alfa loudspeaker system comes fitted with a solid burnished duralumin on its front panel. Its back leg has an adjustable height that also lets the user tune off the system radiation axis from a listening place distance.

The reflections and resonance created on the front panel area of any conventional shape system are bound to affect its sound quality. However, this is not the case with the Alfa loudspeakers. With so much flexibility, the Alfa loudspeakers are easy to install.

Alfa loudspeaker has been designed with an inspiration from a baffle made of laminated composite. Its shell is made by laying stress on the standing waves elimination without a single joint. These loudspeaker systems come embedded with the genuine SEAS transducers. Its internal wiring is done with a high-end wiring made in Sweden.

Via: SymboiDesign