Aleratec Copy Cruiser BLU HLX Disc Duplicator

Aleratec has done it again as it comes out with a Blu-ray disc duplicator in the Copy Cruiser BLU HLX Disc Duplicator. The device can simultaneously duplicate 3 copies of a single Blu-ray disc while connected to a PC via an external eSATA connection. Each drive has an 8 MB internal memory which acts as the buffer write data during the duplication process.


  • Supports Blu-ray, DVD and CD duplicating and recording
  • Up to 3 simultaneous direct to disc LightScribe DVD/CD Labels
  • Up to 3 simultaneous BD copies at up to 8x speed
  • Up to 50GB capacity per disc
  • Dual Channel PCI Express eSATA host adapter included FREE with purchase
  • Aleratec Disc Publishing Software Suite included FREE with purchase

The Aleratec Copy Cruiser BLU HLX Disc Duplicator retails for $1,575 and is available at all Aleratec distribution partners.

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