AKG releases two wireless headphones

The Austrian headphone manufacturer AKG has just released two new wireless headphones, the K 830 BT and the K 840 KL

The first was the K 830 BT, and it is Bluetooth powered. It is also compatible with any particular device like a smartphone or tablet for stereo audio streaming. It also has a built-in mic for taking calls, and the rechargeable battery is good for 8 hours of playback time.

As for the K 840 KL, it uses Kleer technology and not Bluetooth. You will need a separate dongle that must be connected to the headphone port of your smartphone, and this dongle gets recharged with the headphones.

As for the prices, you should be able to get the K 830 BT for a price of $249.95. As for the K 840 KL, it will cost about $299.95. Yes, that does sound pretty expensive, but you have found a lot of wireless headphones that go for a lot of money, right?