AIX Records Starts 2006 with New Country and Jazz Multimedia DVD-Audio/Video Titles

Audiophile label AIX Records launched 2006 with releases of two surround sound multimedia DVD-Audio/Video discs. The new AIX Records double-sided DVDs include a new release by drum virtuoso Simon Phillips (of the group Toto) and his collaborator Jeff Babko, keyboardist for Jimmel Kimmel Live.

Joined by saxophonist Brandon Phillips, trumpter Walt Fowler and bassist Alphonso Johnson, collectively known as Vantage Point, the whole session was shot using HD video equipment. Customers with DVD-ROM drives can view an HD video file on their computers, otherwise the footage is available in widescreen format on standard montiors. Featuring multiple mixes (PCM stereo, 5.1 “Stage” and 5.1 “Audience”), interviews, song introductions, discographies and complete session video, the new disc continues AIX Records policy of producing feature laden high-resolution audio titles in the DVD format.

Also included in the new surround sound DVD-A/V releases was Volume 1 of a new series called Brand New Opry featuring Jonathan McEuen, Phil Salazar, Jaime Hanna and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member John McEuen. The music is described as authentic country, rich in acoustic guitars, close harmonies and virtuoso musicianship. The entire program was shot in HD and the double sided disc includes files ready for HD playback on your DVD-ROM equipped computer. Bonus features include interviews, club footage and complete lyrics.

The label also prepared for the new year by announcing plans to release ten surround sound DVD-Audio/Video products in 2006. Here’s more information on the new AIX Records DVD-A/V releases.

Resolution’ by Vantage Point
Double Sided DVD-Audio/DVD-Video Disc (AIX Records 80040)

Resolution is Vantage Point’s second recorded release but their first in high-resolution surround sound. The double-sided DVD-14 features 7 purely instrumental tracks. The style is straight ahead jazz with a particular focus on rhythmic and metric complexity, not surprising given Simon Phillips’ virtuosity on the drums and Jeff Babko’s comfort in odd meters. There’s lots of great playing and solos from tenor saxophonist Brandon Fields and trumpeter Walt Fowler. But it’s the interplay of drums, piano and Alphonso Johnson’s bass playing that makes these tracks stand out.

The disc is full of special features common on AIX Records releases. These include: complete video shot in HD and delivered as anamorphic widescreen video, multiple 5.1 mix perspectives and a 96 kHz/24-bit PCM stereo mix, interviews with band members, song introductions, rehearsal video, biographies, photo gallery and dozens of information screens… even test tones. The recordings and video were produced by well known high-resolution engineer Mark Waldrep Ph.D., mixed and mastered at AIX Records in house studios and the DVD-14 discs replicated at Cinram in Olyphant, Pennsylvania.

Album Tracks

  1. Blind Sided
  2. Bless Them Rains
  3. Pall’s Mall
  4. New Resolution
  5. Sting Like A Bee
  6. Loco Moco
  7. Wet Jackson

Brand New Opry Vol. I: Another Time, featuring Jonathan McEuen, Phil Salazar with John McEuen, Jaime Hanna and others
Double Sided DVD-Audio/DVD-Video Disc (AIX 80043)

Jonathan McEuen is one half of the country rock duo Hanna-McEuen, but he loves to play acoustic, traditional country music, sing lead and harmony vocals with his collaborator and first cousin Jaime Hanna and long time friend fiddle player Phil Salazar. This is the first in a series of AIX Records projects called Brand New Opry, a clear reference to the Grand Ole Opry based in Nashville, Tennessee. But this country music has a decidedly west coast feel. This project brings together John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and a remarkable group of Ventura, California based musicians. Everyone contributes a couple of songs. There are 12 songs with only one being instrumental.

AIX Records provides plenty of bonus materials on this disc including: complete session video shot in HD video and presented as anamorphic widescreen (there is even HD for your computer), multiple 5.1 mixes, a high-resolution stereo PCM mix, MLP “stage” mix, interviews, bios, test tones, and a photo gallery. The disc was engineered and produced by Mark Waldrep, Ph.D., mixed and mastered at AIX Records in house studio and replicated by Cinram in Olyphant, Pennsylvania.

Album Selections

  1. Grand Ole Opry
  2. Fool Around
  3. Moving On
  4. Head For The Border
  5. Open Road
  6. Grand Design
  7. Summertime
  8. Lowlands
  9. Hills Of Sylmar
  10. World Of Hunger
  11. Beautiful Night
  12. Red, Red, Hair

Resolution by Vantage Point, new from AIX RecordsResolution by Vantage Point, new from AIX Records