Aiptek PocketCinema Z20 Hits Store Shelves in UK

Pico projectors have been getting more and more popular which means more and more manufacturers are signing on board to get in on the hype. The latest projector from Aiptek, entitled the PocketCinema Z20 which we’ve touched on in the past, has just been announced to be shipping in the UK with a price tag of  ?381.

Aiptek’s PocketCinema Z20 features the ability to display an image with a resolution of a 640 x 480, 15 ANSI lumens, A/V, HDMI and VGA ports. Additionally, the pico projector also doubles as a camera with the ability to record HD 720p video and store it on either its 2GB of internal storage or a microSD slot thanks to its 5 megapixel sensor.

via picoprojector-info