High Fidelity Review Advertising:


High Fidelity Review is now able to offer targeted DVD-Audio and/or SACD advertising to disc suppliers and hardware manufacturers. Unlike generic audio and video web sites, our content, and therefore your advertising, is specifically aimed at those interested in the latest ‘high-resolution’ music formats.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising can be distributed throughout the High Fidelity Review web site or appear in specific areas. For example, your banner could appear upon all our index pages, our review pages, our news pages or on pages delivering either DVD-Audio or SACD content. If, for example, you are a DVD-Audio producer, this enables your promotion to be targeted at just DVD-Audio readers rather than those who may be users of SACD technology.

Banner Placement and Size

The High Fidelity Review web site provides placement opportunities for a number of standard banner sizes and page locations. Among others, they include 336 × 280 horizontal and vertical (the latter upon review pages only), 125 × 125 square buttons, 120 × 90 and 120 × 60 oblong buttons and 88 × 31 micro buttons. Banners can be designed for a small fee.

Banner Control and Statistics

Via an advanced management system, your banner can be enabled and/or disabled upon specific dates and automatically removed when a given number of page impressions have been reached. Real-time statistics are available and the IP address of each click-through recorded.

Advertising Rates

High Fidelity Review advertising rates are based upon the size of your banner, display weight and the number of impressions purchased. Impressions represent the actual number of times your banner is displayed on a page, so if 10,000 impressions are requested, it is guaranteed that your banner will be seen upon the same number of pages. There is no time limit, which assures you of getting all the impressions paid for, even during ‘slow’ periods such as midsummer and upon public holidays. Our advertising rates are based upon AdRelevance sports and recreation category CPM (cost per thousand impressions) research and are therefore cost-effective and competitive.

Banner Rotation Weighting

Banners are displayed on a rotating basis, therefore if there are six banners currently in any one rotation, each will be displayed once for every six pages called by website visitors. However, banners can be weighted in your favour, a placement with a fifty percent weight will, for example, be displayed upon every second page view.

More Details…

If you’d like to advertise upon High Fidelity Review or want to know more about our site statistics and pricing, get in touch for more details. E-mail:.

The Small Print

High Fidelity Review does not accept advertising from or for any web site, company or service, which contains, sells or promotes any type of pornography, bigotry or illegal practices. High Fidelity Review reserves the right not to accept advertising from or for anyone or anything we, in our sole judgement, feel to be inappropriate for the High Fidelity Review web site.