Addonics Unveils Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRW and the Pocket DVD-RRW Drives

Addonics Technologies unveils a Blu-ray drive and a new Pocket DVD-RRW drive. Both are believed to be the first portable optical drives with a built-in eSata and USB interface. As laptop users are slowly turning their mobile devices into virtual portable entertainment systems, the new portable Blu-ray drive is certainly a big boost to people who are transforming their notebooks to virtual entertainment systems or have laptops that cannot read Blu-ray discs.

The Pocket Blu-ray/DVDRW also comes with a DVD player and burner which should come in handy as well for people looking to maximize multi-functional portable drives and uses. They come with extremely fast eSATA and USB 2.0 interface. They are designed to be compatible with the latest Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

The Blu-ray drive retails for $235 while the Pocket eSATA/USB DVD-RRW is priced at $99.

(Source) Press