Adam Audio debuts Tensor Gamma Loudspeakers at CEDIA 2007

.ADAM Audio recently launched its first Tensor Series Gamma speakers delivering exact audio reproduction at CEDIA EXPO 2007. Since the device has folded ribbon design, so air moves more efficiently as compared to traditional ribbons or dome tweezers thereby reducing ear fatigue. The Gamma loudspeakers boast of an original design built with new material. A high gloss black cabinet makes them ideal for all room types.

The TENSOR Gamma Loudspeakers have 2 HexaCone woofers whose opposite forces compensate each other. Impulse Coupling is used between woofer and cabinet. Stiff aluminum honeycomb plate with zero acoustics has a chassis on it and as a result clarity is improved. Gamma is the smallest of Tensor range has one sand filled cabinet consisting of two 9 inch HexaCone woofer each driven by 250W amplifier and an X-ART tweeter.

ADAM studio monitors are used in finest recording, mastering, and film scoring studios. The Gamma TENSOR can be purchased at an expected price of $8,199.

Via: VPO