ADAM Audio CLASSIC Series Speakers in US

speaker-1.jpegAfter getting great response in Asia and Europe, ADAM Audio brought its CLASSIC Series Speakers in US. These innovatively designed loudspeakers are extremely ideal for today’s upscale home theater and residential audio installation market. The Classic loudspeakers are available in from high-gloss piano black to deep and rich cherry wood. The Classic loudspeakers exhibit excellent craftsmanship. The Classic speakers integrate ADAM’s acclaimed ART (Advanced Ribbon Technology) in the compact form. For a unique look the drivers are mounted on an aluminium honeycomb.

Speaker types:


This elegant floor-standing speaker belongs to high class. It reproduces sound near to reality. It comprises of two 7″ HexaCone woofers that take on the full range of the bass and middle frequencies, with the second one joining it only below 150 Hz. The Pencil speaker is priced $2,999.


Priced $4,299, the Column speaker features the ART midrange unit. The speaker has the capability to produce sound of a bedazzling live concert. Its larger cabinet reveal tones as deep as 32 Hz. The midrange produces The 800 Hz – 2 kHz range.


speaker-2.jpegCompact, as the name suggests is smaller in size. This loudspeaker is ideal for a stereo set-up. It can be purchased at $1,599.


Last but not the least in the latest Classic Series, the SW260 priced $1,249 is designed to deliver amazing bass performance to fill out the low end of a stereo or surround system. The SW260 can be used with different satellites as it offers the option of adjusting bandwidth.

Combine all these speakers for en entertaining home theatre experience.

You can choose from following available Finishes (Wood/Aluminum):

• Maple/Silver
• Cherry/Dark Silver
• Black/Black Glossy
• Silver/Silver Glossy

Via: VPO