Actiontec introduces MyWirelessTV at CES 2011

Two of the big things at CES 2011 are 3D and wireless streaming. Fortunately, ActionTec has MyWirelessTV which gives the user the ability to do both.

MyWirelessTV allows you to cut the HDMI cable and stream content, premium or personal, to any room in the house. As I mentioned before, it can do high fidelity 3D video, and it is even designed that way.

In addition to these features, MyWirelessTV has Cavium Network’s Super Low Latency technology for the lowest compression latency for full HD 1080HD 1080 p60 H.265 encode and decode. This means control of a Blu-ray player from anywhere in the house, or share a multi-player game between rooms.

I don’t have a price or availability date as yet, but it comes in two forms: MyWirelessTV Receiver and MyWirelessTV Transmitter and Receiver.