Acousticom Re-invents the Retro Sound Egg Chair

Acousticom is all set to hatch its first ever 5.1 surround Sound Egg Chair. It is a reinvented version of the 70s Sound Egg Chair with  an amazing speaker and a 10″ Sub woofer.  Acousticom’s melodious chair  will make sure that you spend your afternoons in comfort, listening your favorite numbers.

The Sound Egg chair can be easily configured to Stereo Receivers. Integrated with a full range of sound abilities and studio speaker qualities, this Sound Egg chair can completely substitute other expensive large speakers. The 10″ sub woofer of the chair will make you feel as if you were sitting on a bass drum. Other outstanding features of the chair include 20 Hz to 20 kHz response, sound isolation for undisrupted sound and gold speaker connectors for quality connections.

The official release of the Sound Egg chair will be held on 7 January 2010, at The International CES 2010 Booth.