RIQ-5010 Pure Smoky Quartz Insulators, RIQ-5010W Pure Quartz Insulators

Acoustic Revive: RIQ-5010, RIQ-5010W Insulators


  • Diameter: 50mm Thickness: 10mm
  • Load Resistance: 200kg (1 pieces)
  • Please take care that the RIQ-5010 is weak in an acute-angled load
  • Four pieces to a package
  • Price: $625
  • RIQ-5010W Pure Quartz Insulator


  • Diameter: 30mm Thickness: 10mm
  • Load Resistance: 200kg (1 pieces) Four pieces to a package
  • Price: $625
  • QR-8 Quartz Resonator Specifications: Diameter:10mm X 3mm Weight: 0.6g
  • Eight pieces to a package
  • Eight replacement adhesive sheet attached
  • Price: $125

Once more I am looking at some fine products from the Japanese manufacturer Acoustic Revive. Today we are going to examine a few somewhat more pricier audio accessories with the quartz RIQ-5010 and RIQ-5010W insulators, as each set of four retails for $625. To balance this out I will also examine the QR-8 quartz resonators, that come eight a package for only $125 a box. Sometimes with audio equipment it pays to wait when judging price until you weight it against actual performance per dollar. While $625 is not inexpensive if it makes a worthwhile improvement in audio quality then it is worth purchasing. Each Acoustic Revive product that I have reviewed, so far, seems to compliment the others in their approach to bringing a truly organic, relaxed sound to my audio system. When I was asked to have a chance to experience these products in my review system I naturally agreed and awaited their arrival with great anticipation. I must say that at $625 for a set of only four insulators I had my reservations, but still I reminded myself to keep an open mind because after all these were Acoustic Revive audio accessories.

RIQ-5010W Pure Quartz Insulators

Acoustic Revive RIQ-5010 and RIQ-5010W review

First up is a set of four Pure Smoky Quartz Insulators (RIQ-5010), and another set of four Pure Quartz Insulators (RIQ-5010W). The belief of those at the Acoustic Revive research team is that these two quartz products do not generate any tone of their own yet they are great insulators that improve upon the sound of ones audio system. Be forewarned though that these ores are said to be scarce. The company warns that whenever possible they will product the RIQ-5010 and RIQ-5010W, but when they can not get the ore, production will cease. There is also a note about the fact that you might find impurities or crystal structures inside the pure quartz. Acoustic Revive asks that you please accept this fact as you are dealing with natural minerals. Each one of these is polished by hand by individual workers, not a machine, which goes to show you how much care and attention Acoustic Revive takes in their products before they arrive at your doorstep. My review samples showed imperfections but did not apparently affect the sound in any negative way. The question now arises as where to use these insulators. Looking for help in their website there are three diagrams suggesting that they be used either under the audio components feet, on top of the equipment in various different places or even just under a component near the input/output cable. I found that the Pure Smoky Quartz insulators effected the sound differently than the Pure Quartz insulators, and therefore experimentation was essential.

I started by using the clear quartz insulators (RIQ-5010W) under my preamplifier and the smoky quartz insulators (RIQ-5010) under a Blue Circle SB90T hybrid amplifier that I had on hand. Here I felt a strong bass presence that seemed too overpowering. Next I switched the insulators and used the smoky ones under the preamplifier and the clear quartz under the amplifier, but now I felt there was not enough impact for me. Alright I will admit it, I am quite fussy. Then I spread out the Pure Quartz Insulators on top of the amplifier and the four Pure Smoky Quartz under its feet. This combination worked very well and I even flipped the insulators around top and bottom to see any effect and after trying numerous combinations of this I felt I did achieve a benefit I enjoyed even more so. With a different amplifier or preamplifier of course your results may prove different. I was quite shocked though to find that these insulators had such an impact on my system, I really did not expect that. Listening to Luther Vandross (The Ultimate Luther Vandross), “Take You Out” was impressive. Drums were strong, the cymbals light and airy, while Luther Vandross voice was clear and detailed.

RIQ-5010 Pure Smoky Quartz Insulators, RIQ-5010W Pure Quartz Insulators2

I next turned towards the QR-8 Quartz Resonators that at $125 for eight now felt like a bargain in comparison to the above reviewed quart insulators. At first I though this would be an easy part of the review thinking that I would place a few in strategic places on my preamplifier or amplifier and that would be it. However after reading the website that explains where these quartz resonators can be affective, I was amazed. I do not want to go into every possible combination of places that is suggested where you might try placement of the QR-8’s however I suggest you visit their website and see for yourself. Again please read the warning about where to place these devices and the caution to do so at your own risk. To give you an example the site explains you might want to try them on loudspeakers, power supply boxes, the power switch on various equipment, the inlet connector of a power supply cable, on the outside of the tray lid of a CD, DVD or SACD player, all kinds of plugs, on the top of the head shell of your turntables tonearm, the ceiling, doors and walls of your listening room and more. To fully test all these places I would need countless hours of listening and many many resonators. I chose the short path and limited my review to just some of the areas that were suggested I try placing them. When you buy yours you may of course experiment to your hearts delight. For this review I placed one QR-8 on my Cd tray lid, five on top of my amplifier, with others on top of and on the back panel behind my preamplifier. The rest were used on various places on my two Legacy Focus 20/20 speakers as well as the glass that covers some of my serigraph art collection that directly faces the speakers. Each individual resonator of course changed the sound very little but when placed all together gave the music a more natural sound. Individual instruments took on a more organic texture to them, a feeling of being closer to sounding like live music. It felt as if a thin veil had been lifted and now you could hear the music being performed with greater clarity and with more detail. The resonance of Yo-Yo Ma’s cello took on a greater depth and his performance an added dimension. When I first looked at the QR-8’s I wondered if I would I be able to perceive any change for this review. These smaller than a dime resonators surprised me with the scope of changes they brought to my sound system and at $125 for a set of eight made me happy I had tried them. If I had more on hand for this review I would have indeed experimented even more to perhaps notice other changes as they seemed to have a greater effect as I added more to my system. I was sent four packages of eight resonators to a package to total thirty two resonators with which to play. For most of us four packages or even two would be ample but it will depend on your room and equipment. I felt like it was Easter and I was hiding Easter eggs for the children in out of the way places like behind equipment or in the corners of the glass covering of paintings hanging on the walls. Be careful though, when you start buying these you may find yourself with a room full of resonators and a large smile on your face as you rediscover your favorite music once again in a more enjoyable light.

In conclusion I must say that Acoustic Revive has again come through with audio accessories that enhance the musical experience and brought great joy to my heart. The nice thing about these accessories is that you can buy a few now and enjoy the changes with your system, adding more as the mood strikes and finances allow. There is no need to go out and buy all the accessories in large quantities all at once, although after hearing the end results of listening to them all together I would never tell you not to. Take your time, experiment with each individual product, finding out which ones you prefer and discover how you would like to use them. This is not your simple buy an amplifier set it down within your system approach but rather they work with you audio equipment and environment in many unique ways so experimentation is essential. Have fun with these, discover new ways to get excellent results from them as the possibilities are vast. Let your imagination enjoy the experience as you sit back to listen and let the possibilities unfold in front of you. The RIQ-5010 Pure Smoky Quartz Insulators, RIQ-5010W Pure Quartz Insulators and QR-8 Quartz Resonators are an excellent way to fine tune your stereo in order to get the most out of your existing equipment. It certainly was a great joy to play around with these products in trying to find the optimum placement for use with my individual components and I just hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did.

The Listening Environment:

The listening room is 18 foot 8 inches long by 13 feet wide. The room’s cathedral ceiling starts at 8 feet high then slopes upward to 13 feet at its peak in the middle. Flooring is a soft hardwood covering with an oriental rug placed dead center in between (but not under) the listener and the audio system. There are no doors that open or shut into other rooms also there are two large openings one facing the speakers and the other to its side and slightly in front of the right speaker. There are three Acoustic Revive RWL-III Panels, one in the center of the Legacy Speakers and two others one behind each speaker, as an acoustical treatment for my room. As for my audio equipment it is tucked nicely inside of a Cherry Synergy Twin S30 Salamander audio rack.

Review equipment:

  • Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro Amplifier
  • Placette Passive preamplifier (3 input model) Samsung HD-841 universal player
  • Oracle Delphi Mk I turntable with custom made interconnects
  • Grace 707 tonearm with Denon 301 II MC cartridge Whest PhonoStage.20 + MsU.20 power supply Legacy Focus 20/20 loudspeakers
  • PS Audio UPC-200 Power Center, PS Audio Power Port Receptacle
  • Acoustic Revive RTP-2 Series Power Conditioner
  • Blue Circle BC86 MKIII power line pillows (2) PS Audio Transcendence Silver interconnects Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects
  • Anti-Cable speaker wire 10 foot pair, Anti-Jumpers for Legacy speakers
  • Monarchy Audio AC-1 Power Cord one 6 foot length Tek Line PC-8 Signature Power Cord one 6 foot length Mr-Cable Musician Power Cord 9 foot length (2)
  • Cherry Synergy Twin S30 Salamander audio rack

from affordableaudio, By Anthony Nicosia