Acer Unveils Its Slim S1 Series For Monitors

Today, Acer revealed the upcoming launch of its new S1 Series for LCD monitors, which are designed to be very thin and environmentally-safe. These monitors vary in size from 18.5 inch to 23 inches and they’re measured at 13mm to 15mm in thickness. They also come with an EcoDisplay logo to present their status as eco-friendly devices made with environmentally-safe materials and low energy usage.

Furthermore, the S1 Series monitors feature VGA and DVI ports with HDCP encryption, an HDMI port (on the 21 and 23-inch models), 12,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time and full HD resolution. These Acer monitors have retail prices ranging from ?119.99 ($184) for the 18.5-inch model to ?169.99 ($260) for the 23-inch model.