Acer to Bundle Nero 9 Essentials with Desktop PCs

Nero has been the reliable software for burning and media solutions for the PC. With that in mind, the Acer Group acknowledges this distinction, bundling the Nero 9 Essentials software with the on all desktop system, providing an integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite familiar on most PCs today.

This only means that people making use of their PCs as their main source for enjoying home theater entertainment or in the burning of audio and HD videos can put to full use the Nero 9 Essentials software suite. Download and then transfer them on to a DVD or Blu-ray disc and then play them back on your home theater setup to enjoy audio and movies just like you would when you buy a standard DVD from the video store.

But if there is one aspect that makes this entirely appealing is that people can choose and get rare movies that may not be available yet on the store. This and perhaps some backup needs make this bundle a logical and useful one to have.

(Source) Press