Acer P5370W Projector

Acer this time has brought for you a new and fabulous gift in the form of a projector. This elegant and stylish projector, Acer P5370W, is designed in a soft texture for throwing a cool and sophisticated image in the minds of its beholders. If you really feel that you should enjoy your life to the fullest then should try its 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio which has every capacity to decorate and brighten up your home. Acer P5370W Projector is full of 3000ANSI brightness, a contrast ratio of 2001:1, digital audio/video connectivity with a resolution of 1280 x 800.

This trendy electronic piece is designed to meet all your style statements. A handy remote control for faster and easier controlling of the projector, DLP® system for keeping the image clear without any decay in color and display has made this one extra.

The smooth connectivity of the Acer P5370W Projector has made it more users friendly. This projector has at least two connectors for multiple connections. One can even think of sharing information too while this being used in the meetings. An HDMI™ port for delivering uncompressed digital signals, a multi-channel audio for receiving excellent high definition viewing, a DVI-D port for supporting HD digital/analog signals and Dual D-Sub ports for accepting analog video component signals has made the Acer P5370W Projector a worth buying thing for all.

Your neighbor this time will never get a chance to complain for high volume. Acer P5370W Projector is made very eco friendly as its eco mode reduces noise and power consumption. A low 29 dBA noise level makes the sound delivered suitable for our ears.

All these features have made the projector really appealing to me and so will happen to you too. If you miss this chance of buying the Acer P5370W Projector, then I must say that you have really missed a grand opportunity to make your life livable.

Via: Acer