Acer P3250 video projector

Acer recently launched light and compact video-projector P3250 for mobile users delivering high display performance. The 1.2Kg weighing portable and easy to carry projector is based on empowering technology. It offers brightness at 2000ANSI lumens. With a size of 210 x 165 mm, the projector can be carried anywhere as it is half the size of an A4 paper.

While ECO mode technology ensures enhanced lamp life and reduced noise, InstantPack technology allows you to unplug the power cord right after the projector is turned off. Featuring a contrast ratio of 2000:1, lamp life of 3000 hours and resolution of 1024 x 768, Acer P3250 video projector stands out in the crowd and uplifts your presentation. eView Management, eTime Management and eOpening Management, Color Boost technology and DLP technology makes it a versatile device.

Set a timer and reminder during the presentation and make it more secure using PIN security. Microsoft Vista Compatible projector is available in grey and white color with a 2 year warranty with no word on price.

Via: Acer