Acer H5350 Home Theater DLP Projector

Acer Japan announced the launch of their new Home Theater DLP projector. The Acer H5350 incorporates DarkChips 2 DMD chip  for improved color reproduction. Integrating Brilliant Color Technology with Acer’s Color BoostII, the projector achieves high performance standards.

The Acer H5350 DLP projector delivers a maximum resolution of 1280?720 pixels. Its 160W P-VIP lamp enables high 2000 lumens brightness. The projector also features a 1.1x Optical zoom lens with manual focus and 2x Digital Zooming. Other features include HDMI, Analog RGB, USB and PC audio connectivity.

The remote controlled, Acer H5350 Home Theater DLP Projector will be available from March 6th onwards for an expected price of 10,000 Yen.