Acer G24 widescreen display

It’s time to go gaming with the G24 widescreen LCD monitors which is the recent launch of Acer, the third largest vendor in the global PC market. With this monitor you can expect to get flawless high-definition graphics quality and seamless motion. These are ideal for today’s graphic-intense and fast-paced games.

With three essential improvements, including, brighter images through the reduction of backlight diffusion, a superior contrast with minimal ambient light scattering, clearer images and sharper edges without ambient light reflection, the Acer G24 widescreen display is expected to attract consumer of every age.

Its features are:

  • 1920 x 1200 Resolution
  • Full HD gaming and multimedia applications
  • 16:10 Aspect Ratio
  • Advanced digital HDMI port with HDCP support
  • 50000:1 contrast ratio
  • Wide 176° viewing angle
  • 94.1 pixels per inch (PPI)

The Acer G24 widescreen display is in real sense innovative and is radically designed to offer various user modes for ease of use. You can optimize the images with its standard mode (normal settings for medium-level display performance), text mode (suited for on-screen viewing of documents, spreadsheets, etc.), graphics mode (for colorful static images) and user modes (lets you fine-tune basic settings and personalize your viewing experience). You can get the Acer G24 widescreen display in a striking orange copper/black color scheme with a two year bring in warranty.

Via: Acer