Acer Business and Value Series LCD displays

Acer unveiled its Business series and Value series LCD display families for outstanding graphics and relaxed viewing. Based on Acer eColor Management, eDisplay Management technology and Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) system, the display presents a new ground for entertainment.

The reliable Business Series display range is available from 17” to 24” with black base and dark-grey bezel. FlxArm technology makes it easy to rotate and swivel. Turn it 15 degrees up or 5 degrees down or 35 degrees sideways, as per your convenience. The high quality image is a result of contrast ratio of 2000:1 to 3000:1 and 5ms response time.

Specifically designed for graphics and word processing, the V series monitors deliver a brightness level upto 400 cd/m2. No word of mouth on price yet but the Business and Value series comes with a warranty of three years.