Abrisa Unveils Infrared Blocker for LCD Outdoor Displays

We are all aware that even during the time of CRT monitors, radiation is the one threat the people have to deal with especially if they spend quite some time in front of the monitor. Now that we are in the age of LCD displays, the threat has been lowered a bit but the problem still persists.

But thanks to Abrisa, a new Infrared blocker may remedy the problem, blocking off harmful solar radiation and reduce the temperature in outdoor-use LCD applications.

Illuminators used in LCD systems are susceptible to high heat and light energy stress. Abrisa’s IR Blocking Hot Mirror (that reflects energy between 750 nm and 1200 nm) works as a cover glass to protect the LCD display and effectively mitigates the total IR energy directed at the liquid crystal display during daylight hours, extending the life of the display.

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