A Special Gold Edition Controller For Upcoming Goldeneye Game On The Wii

Hey there, fans of the highly popular, N64 title, Goldeneye, this is a day for you to rejoice. Just in case, you didn’t already know, Activision is planning to develop a remake for the Wii to be launched this Fall. However, Activision also intends to release a special bundle with the revamped that include a gold edition Class Controller Pro, which is priced at $69.99. Furthermore, the game itself will cost $49.99 and it will support the Wiimote motion controller although some would say that the Class Controller Pro is a better choice for actual game-play. But you’re looking to save some money on this game bundle, you could settle for the white Class Controller Pro, which is only $20. Thus, it’s up to you to choose either white or gold for this upcoming title.