A Solar-Powered Media Player

Now there’s even a media player that gets its juice from the sun. Ah, the benefits of alternative, cleaner reusable sources of energy. Personally, I have to wonder if some eco-friendly organization had a hand in developing or producing this device known as the Eclipse from Sony. Anyway, its primary use of solar power is made possible by photovoltaic cells located on its other side. The cells is designed to draw in sunlight for energy whenever you place it on a window with the help of a suction cup.

Furthermore, this media player will also include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream audio content from a MP3 player or receive weather updates, podcasts and radio transmissions. However, it is important to note that this Sony media player is a conceptual device so I have to wonder how close this “Eclipse” is to actual completion in its development as a functioning product. Thus, the wait is on to see if or when it gets released in the near or distant future. Alas, plenty of cool ideas out there never make it past the concept and design table.