A New Wii Game That You Play, Using Only Your Face

Wow, you have to give those people at Nintendo credit for maintaining their creativity and ability to develop new ideas. The company recently created a Wii game called Kao Glider (also known as Face Glider) that actually utilizes your face for game-play. Yep, you heard me right, dear readers! A video game that you play, using only your face. Anyway, in this DSi Ware game, the camera reads the expressions of your face and responds with the appropriate action within the game as you play.

So, you can expect basic movement such as up, down and side motion. Of course, Sony unveiled the Move and Microsoft presented Kinect at E3 a while ago but in this popular gaming trend of motion control, only Nintendo can say that they have a game that requires only the use of your face. Well, Nintendo has that boast for now, anyway. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be too surprised if Sony and Microsoft decide to react by making their own “face-controlled” games in the future.