A Kinect hack that you cant have on your home theater

I have seen Kinect hacks do all sorts of interesting things for the home theater like be a gesture-based remote and even surf the web.

We have also seen Kinect hacks that definitely have to be taken out of the home theater sphere, such as the claw machine. This one has to do with Tesla coils.

The creators put their creation on display at a show in the UK, and they call it the “Evil Genius Simulator”. Just think of it as something that we would see as background in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. The Kinect controls the way the lightning bolts arc, and it sounds like the sound is controlled by waving one’s hands around.

I have seen Tesla coils used in very creative ways. It made music in that Nicholas Cage The Sorcerer’s Apprentice movie, and its just cool to see man-made lightning. Too bad that I cannot put one of those in my living room, or perhaps I just need a bigger living room.