A Green Acoustic Dampening Panel System?

I know, it couldn’t sound much more ridiculous if I promised you that it sang Yankee Doodle in five different keys, but it’s true–there’s actually a kind of acoustic dampening system that is good for the environment, too.

See, those acoustic dampening panels you see now?  They’re not exactly really environment friendly.  A better word might be “ticking time bomb of chemicals”.  For instance, they might come with formaldehyde, acrylics and petroleum-based chemicals.  These have the potential to “off-gas”, meaning that they in turn can give off so-called VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Enter the new panels, made from a kind of eco-friendly fiberglass that can be almost stacked in various depths to provide differing levels of sound dampening.  Other companies make similar panels out of recycled polyester.

Anything that can take a little heat off the environment, not to mention anything that does the job of sound dampening without giving off a soup of toxic chemicals is a great idea, and one that’s well worth watching.