808.3 Signature CD Player Fixes and Restores

If you have been using CDs for a while now, you will notice that their useful life has limits. Especially if you are not the kind who would “REALLY” take care of them, chances are they would find their way to a trash can since they are no longer usable. Hold on! The 808.3 Signature CD Player may be able to resolve some CD issues.The 808.3 Signature CD player is no ordinary CD player. It can also fix busted CDs and even restore them to their original recording.

Neat huh? It comes with several audio inputs like analogue and digital. It also comes with an audio SpeakerLink input along with a sophisticated volume control. This CD player will be available in three colors: graphite, silver and black. The 808.3 Signature CD player will retail for $19,995, not a cheap device by any means!