7 USB BBQ Flash Drive

I never thought that technology could ever clone my favourite barbeque wings. This new USB BBQ Flash Drive truly befuddles you when kept with your favorite food on the same table. It can look like relishable cookie, pizza, fruit, hamburger or chicken wing, but fortunately tastes like none.

So, the next time you get confused between your dish and drive, blame it on the USB brando. Anyways, its looks may be deceptive but its performance is not. So, take a look at its ingredients-

USB 2.0

Portable and easy operate

Plug and play

Support Window 2000/XP/Vista or MAC OS

Weight: 35g (Chicken Wing)

Weight: 17g (BBQ Pork)

Its weight alters with its design. Thus people liking chicken wings can pick 35g drive and those preferring pork can get 17g drive. Well, choices may vary, but its price is stable at, US $28.

Via: Brando