46-inch diagonal Art-TV


Breaking news! Now, TV will be no longer only a TV. The Samsung Electronics has traveled across an extra mile to make the idiot box go little artier. It has produced a prototype LCD TV named as 46-inch diagonal Art-TV, which offers huge pictures coupled with the functions of a standard LCD TV. Changes are bound to happen with time. So, this time Samsung has made an attempt to ameliorate your TV viewing habit by adding an artistic flavor to it.

This groundbreaking invention will let you enjoy dual experience of the digital versions of pre-loaded Thomas Kinkade’s paintings along with the regular LCD TV features. Kinkade himself will create special16×9 art for such TVs. Everybody is eagerly anticipating the release of first-ever Art TV, which will give a new perspective to Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. According to the company, light sources will be installed at the back of the TV, unlike its usual placement in the front of the Kinkade’s paintings to create special effects.

Now let us have a glance on the features of this digital masterpiece-

  • Hard drive- 40GB
  • Resolution- up to 1080p
  • Brightness-500-nits
  • Contrast Ratio-3000: 1
  • Response Time- 8ms

This innovative digital art display system with TV functions is expected later this year. Unfortunately, the pricing of this electronic gem is not disclosed yet.