3DFMAX Display by 3DFusion

Who says you need those much hyped 3D glasses to enjoy 3D entertainment? The answer to that is the 3DFMAX, 3DFusion. At the Digital Signage Expo in Last Vegas, Nevada, said company has debuted what it’s calling the first broadcast ready, glasses free 3D display.

Built upon the Philips 3D Solutions, 2D Plus Depth format, the 3DF IP enhances and augments the 3D advancements to the point of achieving the first 3D Broadcast Ready, picture perfect standard for stereoscopic Glasses Free 3D displays.

3DFusion a key Philips North American 3D Solutions Provider and Certified Blue Box Content Creator, has taken the newly released Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player to the next level. “When 3DF coupled its 3DFMax(TM) optimizer technology with the latest Philips software upgrade,” stated CEO Ilya Sorokin, “the results were breathtaking.

The Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx product is the undisputed 3D winner, having crossed the 3D finish line first. In our opinion, the 3DFusion No Glasses Stereoscopic 3D is the first and only ‘ready for Prime Time’ 3DTV.”

“Philips 3D Solutions deserves all the credit, they baked a great cake, we just added the icing. From my perspective, the new release of the Philips 3D Solutions WOWvx Media Player, makes the Philips ASD package the ‘go to’ market leader in stereoscopic No Glasses 3D. Philips 3D Solutions stands alone in providing the only complete end to end technology solution capable of finally delivering the Holy Grail of Auto stereoscopic 3D.”

(Source) Press