3D Support Coming to Halo: CE Remake

If you’ve been paying attention to the market you’ll know that many different companies have been coming forth with 3D displays, projectors and more quite often. This isn’t a bad thing due to the fact that so many consumers have shown interest in 3D display technology. However, while there is no shortage of hardware to display 3D imagery and videos, content producers are still doing what they can to saturate the market with 3D content.

Microsoft, for example has just come froth today that will give video game enthusiasts also interested in 3D something to get excited about. According to the software giant they will be bringing 3D functionality to the forthcoming remake of Halo: CE. That’s Halo 1, for those of you who aren’t aware.

No telling what exactly they will be looking to do with this 3D technology but it will definitely be interesting to play through the iconic game in 3D.