3Bone Audio Nominated for Two Surround Music Awards

For the second year in a row, Toronto based DVD-Audio label/production company, 3Bone Audio, is nominated at the Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California, taking place on December 11th. The album, ‘KAJE, created by Toronto music producer Kevin “KAJE” Johnson, and mixed in 5.1 by 3Bone Audio, is up for “Most Adventurous Mix” (awarded to the album that demonstrates incredible use of multi-channel audio) alongside 5.1 re-issues of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, Beck’s ‘Sea Change’ and others.KAJE’ is also nominated for the “Horizon Award” (celebrating a new artist that is on the cutting edge of surround music) alongside ‘Heavier Things’ by John Mayer.

KAJE had everyone moving in 2000 with his classic remix of M1’s ‘Electronic Funk’, completed a house remix of Ginuwine’s ‘In Those Jeans’ in 2003 for Sony U.S., and will be breaking new ground in 2004 by releasing ‘KAJE’, his first full-length album, as a DVD-Audio disc. The album is scheduled for international release through 3Bone Audio. “We’re not waiting for consumers to realize the potential of this format, we’re taking it to the public with new, marketable music from very talented artists”, says Reza Dahya, president of 3Bone Audio.

The ‘KAJE’ DVD-Audio disc was mixed, mastered, designed and authored in Toronto and is the first album produced under the partnership between 3Bone Audio and Asset Digital, one of Canada’s top DVD production facilities. The two companies joined in 2003 to build the necessary infrastructure to create high-resolution surround sound DVD-Audio titles. With a new surround sound mixing suite, and full design and authoring services in place, 3Bone Audio and Asset Digital are trailblazing the movement towards DVD-Audio becoming the format of choice for music.

Like DVD-Video, DVD-Audio also features bonus videos, menu screens and value added content. “Surround sound, video content, interviews, pictures, art, lyrics and biographies provide new outlets of creativity for the artists and most importantly a closer look into the music for the fans,” says Jared Golberg, VP Creative of 3Bone Audio.

For a private DVD-Audio listening demonstration, or for more information, please contact Reza Dahya, President, 3Bone Audio, via the URL below.