3Bone Audio Launch On-line Store

3Bone Audio has announced the opening of an online store. Canada’s first DVD-Audio specific record label and production company now has a means of releasing albums internationally via the Internet.

We are excited to take our young company to the next level, and being able to sell product is a huge part of that.” says Reza Dahya, President of 3Bone Audio.

The 3Bone Audio store will feature the popular “Stereo Is Dead” T-Shirts (available online only) first, before featuring DVD-Audio/CD releases. ‘KAJE’, 3Bone Audio’s first DVD-Audio release scheduled for April 2004, is an internationally recognized album, being nominated for two awards at the 2nd Annual Surround Music Awards in Beverly Hills, California, in December 2003.

With the success of online distributors like iTunes and Pure Tracks, it makes sense more than ever to have an online retail presence”, says Jed Harper, VP Production of 3Bone Audio.

Taking off from the popular DVD-Video name, DVD-Audio is the new format for music. Acting as a possible saviour to the music industry, DVD-Audio offers more than what you would get from the regular CD, not to mention added copy protection. Highlighted by 5.1 uncompressed surround sound music, DVD-Audio discs utilize 96kHz sampling rates and 24-Bit recording techniques to present a listening experience that is far superior to CD or even DVD-Video; DVD-Audio promises a whole new listening experience!

Playable on all players featuring the DVD logo, DVD-Audio can be enjoyed as a listening experience alone or in conjunction with a TV to access visual content. Like DVD-Video discs, DVD-Audio features videos, menu screens and value added content. They are also backward compatible to stereo and can support the Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 compressed surround formats.

The great thing about DVD-Audio is that artists don’t need to hide behind the production of their albums any longer. Surround sound, video content, interviews, pictures, art, lyrics and biographies provide new outlets of creativity for the artists and most importantly a closer look into the music for the fans,” says Jared Golberg, VP Creative of 3Bone Audio.

Visit the 3Bone on-line store at: http://www.3boneaudio.com/store/

Left-to-right; Jedediah Harper, Rez Dahya, Jared Goldberg (all of 3Bone Audio) and KAJE with producer Phil Ramone at Surround 2003.Left-to-right; Jedediah Harper, Rez Dahya, Jared Goldberg (all of 3Bone Audio) and KAJE with producer Phil Ramone at Surround 2003.