20th Anniversary Edition of Cowboy Junkies Debut Album To Be Issued in SACD Surround Sound

Mobile Fidelity will be issuing the Cowboy Junkies debut album – Whites Off Earth Now!! – in a special 20th Anniversary, 5.1 Surround Sound Super Audio CD edition on December 5th. While Mobile Fidelity has issued several Classical Music Surround Sound Super Audio CD discs in addition to a number of excellent Pop, Rock, Soul and Jazz Stereo and Mono SACDs (such as the excellent Little Richard SACD), the Cowboy Junkies SACD will be their first non-Classical Surround Sound SACD release.

Mobile Fidelity says that the Whites Off Earth Now!! album was recorded by Peter Moore on June 28, 1986 using a Calrec Ambisonic Microphone. By using the original master tapes from this session, the upcoming SACD will bring previously unreleased Surround Sound editions of the songs on the album to fans.

A Preview from Mobile Fidelity
Commenting on the upcoming Super Audio CD, Mobile Fidelity says that “The Cowboy Junkies debut album reveals the band’s innovative sense of interpretation, deep, dark ethereal soundscapes, and a brooding, hypnotic, laconic musical style uniquely their own. Featuring classic blues repertoire written by the legendary likes of John Lee Hooker and Robert Johnson, Whites Off Earth Now also features a raw, eerie version of Bruce Springsteen’s “State Trooper”. This evocative sonic alchemy succeeds due to Margo Timmins’s languid, haunting vocals, Michael Timmins’s sparse, yet soul piercing guitar, Alan Anton’s evocative, gently loping bass, and Alan Aton and Peter Timmins’s tastefully, understated percussion embellishments.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of this landmark recording, MFSL is releasing Whites Off Earth Now for the first time in luxurious 5.1 surround sound on Ultradisc UHR SACD featuring GAIN 2 remastering. The result is a profoundly mesmerizing and absolutely bone chilling listening experience.”.

Now Available For Pre-Ordering
The upcoming Surround Sound SACD edition of Whites Off Earth Now!! by the Cowboy Junkies is now available for pre-order at both the CD Universe and Amazon.Com web sites. I expect to see it becoming available as a pre-order from other web sites that carry Super Audio CDs and Audiophile releases shortly.